Top 5 Ways to Stage Your Home

January 21, 2021

Staging your home the right way can make a huge impact on how quickly it sells. It can be a bit frustrating and stressful if you don’t know where to start so we put together 5 simple tips to help lead you in the right direction. Follow these tips for a clean, beautiful, staged home that buyers will be impressed with! 

  1. Declutter all visible areas.  It’s especially important to clear off countertops and furniture. The less the better when showing your home. People are drawn to the clean and simple look when they are viewing houses. So maybe have a bowl of pretty fruit, a plate of cookies or a simple flower arrangement on the counter. Add a candle if you’d like. For your couches and beds, go easy on the pillows and blankets to not overwhelm the space. Dressers should also be minimally decorated. You want people to be able to envision their own style in these rooms. If they are overwhelmed with how you have decorated the space, they may find it hard to envision the way they would do it.
  2. Remove personal photos. Again, you want the potential buyers to see themselves in this home. If you have all your personal photos around, all they can see is YOU in this space. This is such a small thing that will really make a big difference in how the buyer feels about the home.
  3. Add in décor pieces that appeal to many styles. You may not want to have one certain style of décor throughout the home. If the buyer does not like that style it may turn them off. It sounds silly but so many people are first impression visual types and having more neutral décor is much safer. Decor items you can’t go wrong with are plants, books, candles, solid color décor objects, neutral pillows, simple artwork and mirrors. It may be beneficial to stick with a neutral color palette as people who love color can envision adding color. People who do not like color may have a hard time seeing past it.
  4. Deep clean your home before showings. This can not be stressed enough and it can often be overlooked. A potential buyer can be turned off very quickly if they see dirt, grime, build up and stains in their future home. If they can see these kinds of things out in the open, then they are probably wondering what’s hiding in places they can’t see. No one wants to buy a dirty house and even though it would probably be deep cleaned before the move in, the first impression is so incredibly important and it sticks with people.
  5. Fresh paint can transform a space from dull to amazing! It brightens rooms and creates a clean feel. So many buyers don’t want to have to paint when they move into a new home so if you’ve already done this for them, it can be the slight advantage that puts you in front of another seller. Stick with neutral paint colors such as a light grey or grey-beige. Bright colored walls are a big no no for a lot of buyers. If you do want to do something dramatic make sure you are on trend.  For example: One moody wall in one room may be appealing if that’s what the current home trend is.

So there are your 5 tips to stage your home so it sells quickly. Happy Staging! 

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