First founded after their beloved father passed away in 2012, Cottage & Key started with the dream of flipping and rehabbing old homes into well-crafted family homes right outside of Austin, TX.

Melissa and Brent quickly found success and a loyal audience interested in their entrepreneurship journey and their ever-evolving design aesthetic. Known for creating affordable homes with exceptional quality and elevated design, the sibling pair begin exploring other interests and passions to grow the business with a small online shop and an interior design studio.

At the heart of who they are is a drive to make the most out of life and to prioritize spending time with family. This is what got them started on their journey and what inspires them to keep learning, growing, and expanding. Cottage & Key has been many things, a design/build team, realty, interior design studio, and an online shop. Only the future will tell what else Melissa & Brent have in store, but one thing is for sure, whatever it is it will be well-designed and well-crafted.

Who we are...

Our inspiration...

We are inspired by the opportunity each day brings. We want to create homes that help people make the most of that. Our designs are thoughtful and functional with a focus on quality craftsmanship meant to help you make the most of every day.

What does home
mean to us?

Your home is the place that grounds you. It should be inviting and comforting, welcoming you home after a long day. It should suit your lifestyle and work well for your family to spend time together in ways that excite and interest you. A well-designed home should exude calm and give you a sense of ease and satisfaction from day to day. But most importantly of all, your home should be a gathering place. It should be an ideal place to bring your family and friends together to create memories and share experiences. Home is the place that holds your life together, the center of your world.

Our Aesthetic

Clean and modern with the warm, inviting feeling of home. Utilizing real materials with a focus on hand crafted touches, we pride ourselves on getting every detail just right.

The Cottage & Key aesthetic is grounded in the feeling of home. We aim to create spaces that feel warm and inviting. We pay attention to the smallest details to make sure that every design choice makes sense and everything works exactly as it should. With careful planning we make sure there is a cohesive flow and thoughtful functionality between each room. We know how to design for families with materials that last and spaces made for every day life. We believe home should be functional, beautiful and inspiring. Each home we design will be catered to the needs of your family and inspire you to make the most of every day.