Home is where it happens — next to the people you call (and treat like) “family.”

Having lively conversations and heart-to-hearts. Choosing back-to-back Netflix episodes over chores; let the infinite to-dos wait their turn. Slowing down, knowing time is your most precious asset. Inviting friends in to strengthen relationships.  Settling into quiet corners where bedtime tales unfold & build creativity.

Sensing a theme? Home & family go hand in hand at Cottage & Key. This inseparable bond is what inspired Melissa & Brent, two entrepreneurial-minded siblings, to establish the business in 2018 and carry on their father's legacy.

From the early days of transforming old houses into family homes in Austin, Texas, to now functioning as a design studio, online shoppe, general contracting company, and real estate firm for clients near and far, their purpose has never wavered.

No matter the project, Cottage & Key fulfills it in a well-designed, well-crafted manner. And with the consistent purpose of establishing the setting for more of the experiences you appreciate and want to live out with those in your corner.

Have design dreams? Connect with Cottage & Key to bring them to life.


Making the most of the space we share



As the daughter of a contractor and realtor, Melissa cultivated a deep devotion to design, refining her creativity through renovating her own homes. A milestone year for her was 2018, when she decided to make a career move, going from elementary education to interior design. When it comes to her craft, Melissa's passions include: transforming an outdated space into something that transcends imagination, sourcing the perfect treasures, and seeing the joy on clients' faces when they step into their completed home. A resident of Texas with her husband and their two kids, she's always excited to share her love for travel, Parisian charm, and heirlooms with others.




Brent's expertise in the construction and real estate industry is deeply rooted in his upbringing, where he was immersed in the industry from a young age. He spent his formative years working alongside his father, mastering woodworking and translating blueprints into tangible structures. After lending his hand in constructing the family home, Brent pursued a business degree and ventured into commercial construction, amassing a wealth of knowledge in the field. With a resume spanning residential and commercial projects, he excels at running job sites with a skilled team of contractors supporting him. As the other (founding) half of Cottage & Key, he and Melissa are a dynamic duo, merging their construction and design capabilities to turn concepts into reality.

senior design assistant


Megan plays a pivotal role in customer relations, project management, and collaborative design endeavors with Melissa to craft custom interior solutions for clients. Additionally, the smooth operation of Cottage Home Shoppe relies heavily on her expertise in procurement and order fulfillment. Megan's dedicated, detail-oriented approach makes her an invaluable asset to the team, contributing to the seamless execution of projects and the overall success of Cottage & Key Design Studio.



Our commitment to family values goes beyond aesthetics. It's woven into the very essence of our family-led business. Prioritizing your individual needs and rhythms is second nature to us. You can expect our designs to be personalized to you while facilitating the creation of shared memories, laughter, and moments of ease.


Every step of the way, we treat you like one of us — with the same thoughtful consideration, transparent communication, and warm interactions we value. We want you to have an unforgettable experience and be encouraged to enjoy more quality time with your family & friends from the comfort of your own home.


Especially as it relates to your home, your time, your life. Your personal space, regardless of size or layout, possesses potential waiting to be revealed. With a focus on the beauty of simplicity, we work tirelessly to bring out the best in your home — whether maximizing usability or giving existing surroundings a new purpose.

Refined yet cozy — filled with collected character and enduring charm.

our aesthetic

While we embrace a specific style, each finished space is guaranteed to stand apart from the next. That's because we know how to design for real families with real materials made to last. We take pride in getting your home just right, meaning you can expect us to pay attention to the smallest details to ensure every decision aligns effortlessly and functions flawlessly.

cottage charm

warm hues

cozy & collected

I was lost when it came to decorating my new home. Cottage & Key helped me source

the most amazing decor.

— sarah g.

You're invited to make the next move.

Whatever your needs, wants, and wishes may be, we're here to meet you exactly where you're at on your journey to making your ideal home.

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