Well-Crafted Residential Construction Services that Elevate Your Home Restoration Project from Concept to Reality

Whether you're preparing for a kitchen makeover, luxurious bathroom upgrade, or an overhaul of your favorite living spaces, combining expert construction and home design services is key to getting the best possible outcome. That’s where Cottage & Key Homes is proud to step in. 

For the past 6+ years, we’ve been on a personal journey of restoring old cottages into well-designed, functional family homes. And we’re proud to bring together the expertise and experience we’ve collected to exclusively serve Cottage & Key Design Studio clients in a variety of areas.






Meet Your General Contractor

Brent Green

Brent's expertise in the construction and real estate industry is deeply rooted in his upbringing, where he was immersed in the industry from a young age. He spent his formative years working alongside his father, mastering woodworking and translating blueprints into tangible structures. 

After lending his hand in constructing the family home, Brent pursued a business degree and ventured into commercial construction, amassing a wealth of knowledge in the field. With a resume spanning residential and commercial projects, he excels at running job sites with a skilled team of contractors supporting him. 

As the other (founding) half of Cottage & Key, he and his sister Melissa (principal designer of Cottage & Key Design Studio) are a dynamic duo, merging their construction and design capabilities to turn concepts into reality.

What Sets C&K Homes Apart

We have a history of doing things well while restoring Texas cottages.

We prefer to work in phases – rather than demo it all at once – for minimal disruptions to daily living.

We’re a family business. Led by a brother and sister duo, we combine our skill sets to provide a dedicated, personal approach.

We’re your primary point of contact while we coordinate & manage a team of vetted subcontractors to see your project through.

We fully understand local codes & regulations, so you can breathe easy knowing your project is safe & compliant.



We work in tandem with Cottage & Key Design Studio to deliver a complete experience – from start to finish.






We’re upfront about costs and help establish the most accurate contingency budget.

We exclusively serve Cottage & Key Design Studio clients, meaning you’re our priority.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take?

One of our favorite sayings is, “Home isn’t built in a day.” That’s why we prefer to work in stages. One area/room at a time rather than demo-ing an entire home in one go. Yes, a phased room-by-room approach requires more patience. But we’ve found it brings a high-quality outcome every time.

We’ll establish realistic timelines upfront, keep the lines of communication open every step of the way, and purposefully plan for the best approach to your project to reduce interruptions to your daily life. 

How much can I expect to spend?

Every project really is unique. So if you’re thinking about collaborating with Cottage & Key Design Studio and you’re interested in the complete experience (design & construction!), we invite you to fill out our contact form. From there, we’ll have initial conversations and work towards providing you with an accurate quote.  

How can I hire you for my project? 

We work exclusively with Cottage & Key Design Studio clients. Please reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation call, and we’ll go from there. 

You're invited to make the next move.

Whatever your needs, wants, and wishes may be, we're here to meet you exactly where you're at on your journey to making your ideal home.

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